A roundup

Whether you want to incorporate more Tofu Recipes into your meal rotation or you're just looking to change things up, this collection of my favorite Vegan Tofu Recipes is sure to have something for everyone. These recipes are quick, easy, WFPB, and delicious! Take a look and see what you like!

"Whenever someone tells me they don't like tofu, I always ask what types of tofu recipes they've eaten. I have a theory that most people who say they don't like tofu just haven't had tofu prepared in a flavorful way. "

- Julianne

Vegan Butter Chicken with Tandoori Tofu

You'll love this Vegan Butter Chicken with a mildly spiced tomato gravy and crispy chunks of tofu.

Vegan Taquitos 

Crispy, crunchy, beefy, cheesy--these vegan & oil- free taquitos are the perfect comfort food.

Vegan Po' Boy with Tofu

These Vegan Po' Boys are made with seasoned tofu nuggets and vegan remoulade.

Sticky Orange Tofu

This oil-free and orange-sweetened tofu tastes as good as Chinese takeout but is much healthier.

To view the complete list, click the link below. You'll find all my favorite tofu recipes, as well as information on tofu types and answers to a few frequently asked questions.

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